Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Button up

Tomorrow finally is the big day - it's Mic-key button day!!! M and I will leave Vienna early in the morning, I have to be at the clinic in Graz by 11 and at 1 PM I have my appointment with Prof. H. to get my peg-tube changed to a low-profile mic-key button.
I will get a propofol-anesthesia because he has to remove the inner bumper endoscopically and I sure don't want to be awake for that.

A couple weeks ago Prof. H. sent me an e-mail telling me that I should have a look at the centimeter markings of my g-tube and tell him what number was closest to skin level so he could order the right button size for me. I was really unsure about this, because I had read on the internet that the button size is usually determined after the g-tube is taken out with a stoma measuring device - mic-key buttons come in sizes between 1 and 4.5 cm and it is really important to have the right size button inserted to prevent leakage.

When my dietician called me last Wednesday to tell me that she had received an e-mail from Prof. H. with the details of which button size to order for me and told me that he wanted her to order a 1 cm button, I really started questioning all of this long-distance determining for my button size. What if I went to Graz, got put under, had my g-tube taken out and then the button was the wrong size? That really would suck. Mic-key buttons comes in sizes for all ages and a 1 cm button is a button that would usually be used for an infant. I know I am skinny, but a 1 cm button is absolutely ridiculous for me.

My dietician called Nutricia (they distribute the Mic-key buttons here in Austria) and they told her the correct procedure was to measure the stoma on site, the cm markings on the peg-tube are far too inaccurate.
Nutricia then sent four different button sizes that should fit me to my dietician who in turn gave me the package yesterday - I then went to work with me package full of mic-key buttons - about worth € 1000. Yikes. I did not let the bag go while on the subway for fear of forgetting it. (I am known for forgetting stuff in the subway trains.)

I really hope that one of those four buttons will fit tomorrow!

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