Monday, June 29, 2009

Eating real food

I get to eat three "real" meals a day at the moment, have to tubefeed two meals plus continuous tube feeds during the night. Those three meals of real food are the highlights of my day. I have been able to slowly integrate some foods again and I can now have some really good dinners again. I have to tubefeeds two meals because with the limited foods I can tolerate I would not be able to keep myself healthy and get back into the gaining weight business. Even though I would love to go back to eating six meals orally immediately I know that this is what is best for me. Tubefeeding two meals also means that I can have even more calories because my tube feed is a lot easier to digest for my stomach and helps with my motility issues and that way I am less full.

I saw my dietician today and got weighed - and I am up!!!! This is the first time I have gained any weight since March when all this diarrhea started. I am so happy! So I guess tube-feeding during the day is worth the inconvenience.

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