Thursday, June 18, 2009

I smell like spit-up even though I don't have a baby

I am still getting used to the g-tube. With the ng-tube flushing my tube was quite easy. Since the tube went from my stomach up my esophagus and out through my nose, I could open the tube without having any flow-backs. Well, things are a lot different with the g-tube. If I open the cap of the g-tube and open the clamp as well, my stomach contents - depending on the pressure - either flow out slowly or erupt like a geyser. I was at work this afternoon, it was 30 °C outside and probably close to that inside in our office (that I share with two other people) as well. I had just finished my lunch time tube feeding, clamped my tube, disconnected the giving set, attached my syringe to my feeding tube, opened the clamp and started flushing. Unfortunately I had not been very careful when attaching the syringe and it slipped from the connector and my stomach contents proceeded to erupt geyser-like onto my shirt, skirt and chair! And that smells! Badly! Indeed! Even though I washed out my shirt I continued to smell that very distinctive odour of half-digested formula - very much like baby-formula-spit-up! I could not imagine myself sitting in our very warm office smelling like that! And then I remembered - I had done some clothes shopping prior to coming into work and so I put on my brand new pair of shorts (that I had deemed way too short for office work while trying them on - but hey, better showing off my legs than smelling badly) and shirt.
By the way - three hours later, when I wanted to flush my tube after my afternoon feeding the same thing happened again. It was not my day today.

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Arish said...

I've always known you to be a strong person, and your story shows this to be true. You continue to have an amazing attitude about what you are going through and you should be commended for this. It doesn't seem fair, though understandable due to what your body has been through, that you should have to continue to struggle with food. Kind of ironic. It is so fortunate that you have such a caring partner and that you have so much strength in who you are that you continue to find what you need and not take any BS for the label you've been given. I love you truly and dearly and cannot wait to see you once again. Thank you for sharing. There will be an end to this I have so much hope that you will find the answers you need. xoxo