Friday, June 26, 2009

Murphy's law for cats

A friend of mine posted on facebook yesterday, that, even though her new house is 95 % hardwood floors her cat always pukes on the carpet.
That's when I started to think about Murphy's law for cats today.

The puke on carpet thing is something I know just too well. My oldest cat Laura is a puke-cat and she loves to puke onto about anything but our hardwood floors - like for example our off-white living room carpet, the couch she sleeps on at night (we always keep a blanket on it for that very reason - just throw the blanket in the washer and all is well again (we actually have a back-up blanket for those days/nights the other blanket is still drying out after having washed it) - and boy, does she ever need that blanket on her couch (I have to wash it at least once a week). And lets not forget about the one time she puked from the chair she sat at into a multiple outlet strip causing a short-circuit.

Then there is the dirty litter box law. I use clumping cat litter and you know how after a while there comes a time when you have to empty out the litter box completely and not just get rid of the clumps and shit. I usually realize that late at night before going to sleep and then plan it for first thing next morning - it is always during that night that one of the cats decides to go on strike for a cleaner litter box and craps right in front of it.

And now my favourite Murphy's law for cats (and most expensive one): 95 % of the time my cats get sick on a weekend - Sunday visits to the vet are especially expensive. And this is why I am thinking about Murphy's law for cats right now - it is Friday evening and I have just noticed that Aimee is getting her usual summer eye infection - if I had noticed a couple hours earlier I would have been able to get some eye drops at the vets for her without paying a weekend-fee - but no such luck here. So guess what I will be doing tomorrow morning? Calling the vets and set up an appointment and pay one and a half time as much. But maybe I am lucky and I can convince the vet on duty that all she needs are her usual eye drops and maybe I don't have to take her in to be looked at - that would really save me some money!

Any more Murphy's law for cats that you can think of?

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