Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Altitude euphoria

M and I decided to extend our vacation and took off for my parents' house in Linz on Saturday.

Sunday at lunch we talked about what we wanted to do in the evening. My parents already had tickets for the theather and therefore M and I had an evening to ourselves.

Linz is the European Culture Capital of 2009 and lots of special exhibits and artsy stuff are displayed all over the city. There is one exhibit that is especially intriguing - "Altitude euphoria - art above the roofs of Linz". The title is to be seen literally - because this exhibit takes place on the roof (and beyond) of a 14-story-down-town parkade.

The thing is - I am not that afraid of heights - but I get very, very dizzy!!! But I braved it and followed M up the wooden stairs....

The really cool thing though is the ferris wheel on top of the parkade.

It is up on the 14th floor and it goes really fast (rounds twice in one minute) - needless to say M got to go by himself!

I loved the moon that night...

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