Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Button troubles

I am still having button troubles. I now have the AMT Mini one balloon button and even though I like it a lot better than the Mic-Key I am still having problems with it.

The button/balloon is being pulled inside through my stomach contractions frequently and that makes me feel very desperate - for some reason too much pulling leads to nausea.

I have the 3.5 cm button right now and it does feel right, but I can still pull it out quite a bit in order to get the balloon to be really snug to the stoma - I have no idea if a size down would feel better - if that would help with the pulling of the button as well - I am just so sick and tired of feeling ill when I do get hungry. When the pulling in of the button starts I have about 10 minutes before I get nauseated - I don't always have time to eat right there and then - just because my stomach starts hurting with all those pulling sensations.

My gastroenterologist has never had a patient with a button before even though he has lots of g-tube patients. Neither has my dietician. I asked my gastro-doc last week if a non-balloon button would be better for me - if my stomach peristaltic would have less effect on a non-balloon button and therefore would feel better. He hadn't even heard about a non-balloon button before. I gave him all the information I had printed out from the AMT website but he didn't know if that would work better for me.

Lisa - from AMT - you once commented on one of my button trouble posts - do you have any insight on this?
I guess my specific questions are:
- is lots of pulling in still a sign of a too-long button
- would a non-balloon button work better for me
- is the internal bolster of a non-balloon button smaller than the balloon and therefore less likely to be pulled through my stomach peristaltic?
- is there a time-frame before a non-balloon button can be placed (my gastro-doc was worried that the smaller internal bolster would mean that more forces are exerted onto the stoma walls if I accidently pull on it (from the outside)?

If anyone has any answers - please comment or mail me at - am a bit desperate.

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Stephanie said...

The internal bolster of the non balloon is smaller and more rigid so it would put more pressure if pulled but if you think about it, a balloon is more likely to have a popping motion because it is soft.. I don't know for sure. If you want to test the length of the button you can try getting some gauze pads(2x2 works best), IV sponges are precut or you can cut a slit yourself to fit around the stem of the button. Try two pads at first, then more if need be to snug up the button to the inside stomach wall.
This will give you the feel of a slightly shorter button and how the length would affect the popping feeling.