Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finding the right place to get married - or not?

M and I want to get married next summer and have started to look at possible locations. A friend of mine told me about a palais about an hour drive away from Vienna in Nether Austria in which a friend of hers got married last year. I had a look at the website and thought it looked quite nice.

Last Sunday M and I decided to finally drive up there and have a look. I put the address in our navigation device and I guess I should have used a few more brain cells when it said it would take us 1 hour and 20 minutes for only 70 kilometers. And maybe I should have looked it up on an actual map because then I might have realized that this palais was in the middle of nowhere really close to the Czech border.

What we hadn't known either was that a highway going up there was just being built and so parts of the main road up there was temporarily relocated with lots of tempo limits and no overtaking allowed. It took us forever to drive to the village and we were both getting grumpier and grumpier. If either of us hat said out loud what we were both thinking - that we didn't want to get married in such a remote location, we might have turned around earlier, but I kept on driving. It took us forever to find the actual palais, there were no signs at all leading the way there - it obviously is a private palais that you can book for weddings. Once there it had started raining, I was hungry and grumpy and refused to get out of the car (we had planned for a picnic and I was not dressed for rainy weather at all). M did get out and took some photos - but I had already made my mind up that I don't want to get married there.

On our way there we had seen a sign saying that the "Falkenstein" castle (or at least the remains of it) was really close by and I suggested to M to drive there so that after a driving for over one and a half hours we would at least get to see something. It was only 8 minutes away from where we had parked to eat our lunch. We were really surprised to see lots of parked cars at the foot of the castle - mostly very "alternative" looking cars and when we started walking up to the castle we saw even more very "alternative" and hippie-like looking men and women. We were not surprised to smell the distinct scent of marijuana and realized that some alternative music festival was taking part at the castle. It started raining again and we suddenly felt really tired and in no mood whatsoever to try to make our way through all those people up to the castle and turned around to go back to the car.

I asked M to drive back home because I was starting to feel really tired - we had not been driving for more than five minutes when a police man signaled us to stop our car. They asked for M's license and our car papers and then proceeded to ask about his alcohol intake. Obviously M had not been drinking, even though we have 0.8 % alcohol limit in Austria M never drinks and drives. He denied any alcohol intake but was asked to use the alcometer anyway. I guess they wanted to "catch" lots of intoxicated drivers leaving the music festival.

The way back home was even more tedious than going there. Lots of slow cars in front of us, no overtaking and far too many tempo limits again. I already started falling asleep in the car and once back home slept another three hours even - I had no idea that looking at wedding locations could be so exhausting.

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