Monday, July 13, 2009

Look at those cute creatures!

M and I spent the weekend at my parents' (Mum and stepdad) house. Mum has a little garden and she loves to tend to it. Yesterday I sat beside her on the patio and kept her company while she was doing a bit of weeding.

While she was weeding she came across an empty flower pot filled with quite a bit of water from all the rain we had. She called me over telling me to come have a look at the cute creatures that were swimming in the water in the flower pot. I had a look as well and Mum and I just couldn't get over how funny their movements in the water seemed to be and were quite in awe of God's little creatures.

Mum then called my stepfather out in the garden - asking him if he knew what kind of creatures they were - and at the same time telling him that he most likely wouldn't know either. My stepfather has an incredible general knowledge and he just needed one look at the flower pot and said to us: "I know exactly what they are - they are mosquito larvae!"

Mum and I screamed out in horror - there we were - admiring hundreds of potential blood-sucking mosquitoes! Still Mum didn't want to be the one emptying out the flower pot and being responsible for the death of hundreds of potentials mosquitoes and my stepdad had to do the dirty deed!

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