Monday, July 6, 2009

The neverending button story - part II

Will it ever end? I had the 4.0 cm button put in on Friday and things have not gone too well over the weekend. It leaks a lot (tube feedings and stomach acid) and that makes my skin really itchy plus I don't really enjoy the (pukey) smell it leaves on my skin around my stoma.

What's even worse is the constant pulling of the button from inside my stomach. Quite often when I get hungry or have just eaten my stomach contractions will pull the button inside and then suddenly it gets released again and plops back against the stomach wall and that drives me nuts. For the last two mornings I have also woken up with a sudden bout of excessive salivation - as if I was about the throw up and lots of pulling on my button from the inside - I then have to eat something immediately because all the pulling makes me feel really sick. I take thyroid medication in the morning and I am supposed to wait half an hour before eating but I couldn't do that the past two days.

I have never felt like this with my g-tube (non-ballon type). I really want the balloon thing to work out because I like the low-profile thing - but at the moment I find it quite uncomfortable. And that makes me sad and angry and desperate all at the same time.

I have e-mailed my gi doc and my dietician - I especially want to know what button length I am supposed to use according to his measurements. I mean he put in the 2.5 cm button because that's all he had, but he did measure my stoma with the stoma measuring device, so really he should know, right?

I would so love to find out from someone else how the button feels for them - specifically if they experience the popping button feeling as well? If anyone reading this blog has any insights on that - please comment!!!

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