Saturday, July 4, 2009

The neverending button story

Thursday morning before leaving the hospital I approached Prof. H about the very tight button situation and he explained that it was a tight fit from the beginning and he would have probably used a larger one, if he had had one available. He had a look at my stoma site once again and decided that I should actually go up 1 cm and get 3.5 cm button in.

My dietician than made the impossible and possible and found a Mic-Key button that size in the depths of the General hospital she works at. Manu and I drove home from Graz and in the afternoon I went to see my dietician to get the button changed. I actually did the button change myself. It was a weird feeling but only hurt a little when putting the new one in – but nothing compared to having an ng tube stuck down your nose and throat. Even though that button fit a lot better, as the day went on it got tighter and tighter – I guess I usually swell up during the day.

I got really frustrated again and desperate, therefore I e-mailed Prof H and my dietician this morning and they both suggested going up even more size and put in a 4 cm button. I felt so bad for my dietician because it was the second time in two days that she had to go on a button hunt for me. Luckily the button we put in yesterday was already past its use by date because there is no way that my insurance would pay for three buttons in three days. And I guess they can’t really charge my insurance for a button past its due date.

So off I went again this afternoon to the hospital to get my button changed once again. At least my dietician and I really know how to do it now! The 4 cm button does feel a lot better, but is on the larger side - but better too large than too tight!

The mic-key button system itself is really cool and I enjoy being able to sleep on my tummy again. There are two other button systems that are supposed to be even flatter and I am going to look into getting one of those here in Austria.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you finally got a tube in the right (or at least close to right) size! You've really had enough trouble with these tubes in the past few weeks (or shall I say months)!
Enjoy the weekend!
I'm looking forward to seeing you next week (you cheer me up when my time at the lab is unbearably boring and frustrating)!
Yours, C

Stephanie said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I ran in to your story on the Oley website. I have a blog myself, my son is dealing with severe GI issues and is currently in the hospital so I've been looking up alot on the internet. Glad to meet you, hope you get the button issue worked out, we've had our fair share too.. dealing with some now and it stinks. Eating shouldn't be so hard.