Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tube Girl doesn't travel light!

M and I are all packed and ready to go - tomorrow morning we will leave for our vacation in Italy.

I have a small car - actually a very small car. It is a VW Lupo and let me tell you - Tube Girl doesn't travel light! With all my tube feeding and tube care stuff it does add up a bit. Thank god M already has extensive experience in packing up my very small car - but even he felt a bit overwhelmed at the amount of suitcases and traveling bags that I piled up for him to take down to the car.

In our very small car - he packed:
  • two sun beds
  • one small sun shade
  • two small suitcases
  • three travelling bags
  • one tube feeding back-pack
  • one paper bag with towels
  • one dust buster (you might laugh at that - but we will be staying in a trailer and last year I just could not get rid of all the sand we kept bringing into the trailer with just a broom)
  • a bag full of shoes (I have to be able to choose even when on vacation, right?)
  • my nordic walking poles
  • six small torches
  • one camping barbecue
And yes - there is still some space left for us as well!


Stephanie said...

M seems to be an extraordinary sort of guy.
I'm glad he's so helpful and understanding, it really helps so much to have that kind of support.
Just to know that the people you love love you..
tubes and all.
Travel safe.
Can't wait to hear how the vacation goes!

Stephanie said...

Ok how's the vacation going already!!!