Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Saw my dietician last week - she had been on vacation through all my button-troubles the week before. She told me that she had already mailed Prof H asking him for a call-back regarding my situation. By Wednesday he hadn't called her back so we both assumed he was still on vacation.

I showed her my stoma site and she was not impressed at all and actually managed to have Prof. Th. (THE infectious disease doctor of the Vienna General Hospital) have a look at it (even though he just had a patient of his own ... she sure has connections). He ordered a culture and told the nurse to put honey on my stoma and to let me take the tube of medical honey home with me.

I have now been putting the honey on my stoma for a six days now and it has definitely gotten better. The red dots that started to develop 10 days ago are now gone and the stoma site is less tender already.

I found out today that my culture did grow out some stuff - but my dietician told me that Prof Th. thinks that as long as my stoma has not gotten worse over the past week the Medihoney is the right treatment.

I have read up on it on the internet and I am impressed! It really seems to be powerful stuff!


Stephanie said...

Wow! All the stuff we've been through and I've never even heard of medical honey!
Whatever it is, i'm glad it's working!

Stephanie said...

Just looked up the Medihoney.. looks like you hit the jackpot.
That is powerful stuff, probably better than any synthetic dressings.
Do you have the Medihoney wound gel?

Tube Girl said...

Stephanie - hitting the jackpot - that's exactly how I felt when I read up on it on the internet. I use the Medihoney antibacterial medical honey. It really works - my stoma looks so much better already and it doesn't hurt anymore - oh, and I love the smell of honey on my stoma :-).