Monday, August 31, 2009

The quest for the perfect banana

Being fructose intolerant means that I can't eat most fruit. But what makes the situation even more complicated is that I am histamine intolerant as well and lots of fruit contain biogenic amines like serotonine or dopamine - something that someone with histamine intolerance should definitely stay away from. The thing is that most fruit that are low in fructose are high in biogenic amines or are histamine liberators (another no-no).

Even though bananes are high in serotonine, they are quite low in fructose and every once in a while I let myself have a banana as a treat.

But finding the perfect banana can be quite a quest!

The perfect banana for me is not too green (because bananas on the green side are not very easy to digest) and too ripe either (because the riper a banana the more serotonine it contains).

I really wanted to have a banana with my dinner today and so I went out this afternoon to find my perfect banana - half an hour and four grocery stores later I finally found an acceptable specimen and am now eating polenta and spelt porridge with my perfect banana!


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