Monday, August 3, 2009

A trip to Ikea equals a weekend of work

On Friday night just before we were off to bed M suddenly fantasized about getting rid of my old closet and dresser and buy a PAX-closet for our bedroom matching the PAX-closet he already has in our bedroom. Instead of going to bed there we were suddenly both fantasizing about more room for my clothes and M's clothes respectively (because a lot of my clothes kept ending up in his closet because of limited clothing space in my closet) and some space for all the things that still end up in corners not having a set space to be put away.

So off we were to IKEA on Saturday morning. M and I are well-versed IKEA shoppers, came prepared with our own pre-planned PAX combination, used all the short-cuts to get through the wast IKEA halls as quick as possible - still managed to buy stuff that we hadn't planned to buy - always happens at IKEA :-).

Getting the large furniture packages onto our shopping cart with me having hurt my back while sleeping the night before was the first challenge. Knowing that the real change was still ahead of him M had to fuel up on a hot-dog.... because .... have you ever tried putting over 200 kg worth of furniture packages in a very small, if not very tiny car - my LUPO? M and I have already packed a few IKEA trips into our car but never as much as this time. Like I have mentioned in my vacation post before M is a master in packing my car - but still - in order for the packages that mostly were over 2 m long to fit into my car he had staple them onto the dash-board. Even though we couldn't close the boot of the car M really packed everything in - except me .... I had to take the bus and subway back home :-)!

So yes, we spent this weekend assembling our new bedroom furniture - by the way - this weekend was one of the hottest weekends this summer so far - can you imagine how incredibly hot it was in our apartment?

But we finished it last evening - everything is really tide now and looks so grown-up! Our apartment keeps losing its students' flair and becoming more and more a "grown-up" apartment.

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