Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not much new over here. I am still studying lots for my statistics exam. I have now started to dream about data analysis, can't wait to have it done and over with.

Healthwise I am trying to fight off a cold. I need all my capacity for studying (and also working), no time to be sick.

I have also re-adjusted my diet. Less fiber, lower fat content equals a lot less nausea! I am so relieved! I have not needed anti-nausea medication in almost a week. Unfortunately eating a low-fat diet also means less calories and I am trying to do my best to compensate with more tube feeds during the night.

I am wishing for lots of strenght and energy for the next week to be able to continue studying for my exam.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today is not my day

Technically my "not day" began shortly before midnight with me waking up in a puddle of tube feeding formula. The tube-feeders among you will know exactly what happened! Darn that non-luer lock connection between my giving set and the button extension sets. Stopped the pump, got up, undressed, rinsed the awful sticky formula off of my butt, put clean pjs on and went to bed again.

Two hours later my pump starts alarming, but it is not the usual "got a kink in my line" alarm, no, it was a low battery alarm, something that never happens to me because I always know after how many nights I have to recharge my battery. Low battery alarm leaves me with only a few minutes to plug it in, before the pump switches off and erases my already infused volume. Not a good thing if your formula is so rich, your pump won't recognize an empty bag or giving set and keeps on pumping air into your stomach until the change in pumping noise wakes you up. (I always have to work with a goal volume.)
So there I am at 2 AM in the morning trying to plug in my cord into my feeding pump and this is already very tricky when I am awake.
Back to bed.

Two hours later my bag is empty, and I have to get up again to flush my tube and disconnect the button extension sets. Back to bed.

At 6.30 AM I wake up to take my meds.

At 7.00 AM my alarm clock rings and after only hitting snooze once I manage to get up for good.

On my way to the bathroom my fiance informs me that there is no hot water and our gas boiler is displaying an error message.
No hot water for me this morning.....

And since I am the one who fixes things like this in our household it is up to me to get the gas boiler running again. No luck so far.

No, really, it is not my day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Motherly feelings or the clock is ticking

I am so excited! I got to see my best friend's twins today. They had been born premature and are now finally out of the NICU. I have only visited them once before when they were just a few days old and still really fragile and today was so different from back then.

One of the twins, Simon, is going to be my god child and I got to hold him today for the very first time. I held him for more than an hour and I also got to burp him after he had finished feeding. Having this tiny human being lying on my chest and stroking his back felt so good!

Darn those motherly feelings that come up during moments like these.... I guess my clock is ticking big time.

Logically I know I have to finish my degree first, work a bit and get to a better weight before I even start to think about starting a family with M, but emotionally things are looking a lot different.

I can't wait to be a Mum one day! And I don't care if I am going to be "Tube Mom", as long as it makes me healthy enough to have children.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My last exam

After taking a bit longer than the average psychology student to finish my degree due to all my health troubles an end is finally in sight. I am writing my thesis, I have taken all required classes and am now studying for my LAST exam!!!

It always takes a bit of convincing myself to start up studying again, but I have gotten over the first few days of having to make myself study and am now actually enjoying it.

Now you might think I am slightly crazy when I tell you that I am actually enjoying studying for a statistics exam, but I am. I have to take so many statistics exams already and I hated all of them, but this prof based his lecture on a really cool statistics book - Discovering statistics using SPSS - and sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll by Andy Field and I am telling you I am finally getting statistics. Field's book has given me a whole new insight on statistics and makes me even laugh at times - unheard of any statistics book I so far had the "pleasure" of reading.

I was really dreading taking the exam and also getting started on my statistical data analysis for my thesis, but things are getting clearer and clearer every day and I think I will do just fine.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A doctor's handwriting

Usually my dietician writes all my prescriptions for my tube feeds and supplies, but she is on vacation right now, and therefore I went to see my family physician yesterday to get the prescriptions from her.

Usually all the prescriptions are written on the computer and printed and therefore easy to read, but because I use a different insurance company for my tube feeding stuff she had to hand-write my prescription.

I scanned it and mailed it to my insurance company yesterday and received an e-mail back this morning telling me that unfortunately they cannot accept the prescription because they cannot decipher my doctor's handwriting.

I can't blame them, can you? :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

What not to do at my wedding

M and I went to a wedding on Saturday and actually M was the best man of the groom. The bride and groom had the whole wedding planned down to the minute and actually had the bridesmaids and groomsmen organize the wedding.

M had invested lots of time and effort into this wedding and I kept getting angrier and angrier. I just didn't understand how someone could order their bridesmaids and groomsmen to organize the whole wedding. Furthermore, bride and groom spread out their wedding over three weekends - meaning they had stag and stagette one weekend, had their civil wedding the Saturday after and their church wedding the next Saturday.

I have a workaholic fiance and my weekends with him are what keeps me going through the week, not having a real weekend with him for three weekends during the summer really pissed me off, to be honest.

I ended up not attending the wedding itself - just the reception. I am very tired all the time right now and really have to conserve my energy, and knowing that I would have to stay up late, I rested in the afternoon and met up with M at the reception at dinner time.

I actually found something to eat, chatted with M and actually enjoyed myself - that is, until the live music started. The musician (who was way past his prime) started off with all the classic love songs, moved over to some really bad German folk type. The music was really loud as well, we were seated at the table that was the furthest away from the musician and it was still almost impossible to carry on a normal conversation with your seat neighbour. I am quite musical myself and have a good ear for music and I really hurt - so many wrong tunes.... and when he took out his saxophone and I really started to suffer.

But I have to be grateful as well because I now know what not to do at my wedding!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall is in the air - and I am baking

Fall is coming - and I have started baking! Temperatures hovered at 18 °C today, quite a difference to the 28 to 30 °C we kept having for the past few weeks.

Even though I absolutely love to bake, I have to take some time off baking during the hot summer months due to the fact that we have a very tiny and windowless kitchen - if I crank up the oven on top off having an inside temperature of 28 °C.......

But I am on a baking spree tonight! At the moment I have ginger snap cookies in the oven, in the meantime I have prepared mashed pumpkin for some pumpkin bread and I think I also want to make some blueberry oatmeal bars.

The only downside is that I am feeling quite nauseous from having dinner earlier, and maybe the lovely smell of freshly baked ginger snap cookies isn't exactly contributing to me feeling better, but I don't care because I am having fun and at least it keeps me distracted a bit from my nausea.

2 1/2 hours later - these are the results:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A triple yeah for the medihoney

I have now treated my stoma infection with medihoney antibacterial honey for exactly three weeks. I have been really careful with my stoma, always washing my hands before touching it and using the medihoney twice a day.

I should have really taken some photos before I started the medihoney treatment because the difference is incredible. My stoma site looks really good and it doesn't hurt anymore!

Like I said - I don't have any before-photos - but here is an after-photo:

A nice looking stoma, right?

I will continue putting the medihoney on my stoma at least for another couple of weeks. I might inquire about getting the barrier cream as well - maybe it would helpt to protect the lower part of my stoma - due to gravity more stomach contents leak onto that part.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A clean bill of health for my 17 year old feline

I took Laura to the vet for a check-up today, because it's been more than a year already since her last check-up.

I am very excited to report that my very ancient 17 year old cat that has been my feline companion since I was 14 years old and that has been with me through all the bad teenage years is exceptionally healthy! Perfect teeth, good heart, no kidney problems, her tummy problems under control thanks to her daily steroids - just a bit of joint problems and hearing loss.

I am so happy - last year she was really sick and had lost so much weight - just skin and bones and we really thought we were going to lose her, she was then diagnosed with chronic gastroenteritis and put on steroids, stopped throwing up and gained back all the weight she had lost.

By the way - we are aiming for 20 years at least!