Friday, September 11, 2009

My last exam

After taking a bit longer than the average psychology student to finish my degree due to all my health troubles an end is finally in sight. I am writing my thesis, I have taken all required classes and am now studying for my LAST exam!!!

It always takes a bit of convincing myself to start up studying again, but I have gotten over the first few days of having to make myself study and am now actually enjoying it.

Now you might think I am slightly crazy when I tell you that I am actually enjoying studying for a statistics exam, but I am. I have to take so many statistics exams already and I hated all of them, but this prof based his lecture on a really cool statistics book - Discovering statistics using SPSS - and sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll by Andy Field and I am telling you I am finally getting statistics. Field's book has given me a whole new insight on statistics and makes me even laugh at times - unheard of any statistics book I so far had the "pleasure" of reading.

I was really dreading taking the exam and also getting started on my statistical data analysis for my thesis, but things are getting clearer and clearer every day and I think I will do just fine.

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Harriet Baulcombe said...

Hi there, I'm so pleased that you liked Andy's book! Fancy joining the Facebook page for his new edition - maybe your cats could join in?