Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not much new over here. I am still studying lots for my statistics exam. I have now started to dream about data analysis, can't wait to have it done and over with.

Healthwise I am trying to fight off a cold. I need all my capacity for studying (and also working), no time to be sick.

I have also re-adjusted my diet. Less fiber, lower fat content equals a lot less nausea! I am so relieved! I have not needed anti-nausea medication in almost a week. Unfortunately eating a low-fat diet also means less calories and I am trying to do my best to compensate with more tube feeds during the night.

I am wishing for lots of strenght and energy for the next week to be able to continue studying for my exam.


Becky Smith said...

I admire the way you study and work so hard, even when you have so many diet/health challenges facing you. You are truly an inspiration!

Stephanie said...

I so hope you are feeling better.
We know how it is, seems like the worse you feel the faster life goes on around you.

Try to get some rest though and feel better soon.