Monday, September 21, 2009

Today is not my day

Technically my "not day" began shortly before midnight with me waking up in a puddle of tube feeding formula. The tube-feeders among you will know exactly what happened! Darn that non-luer lock connection between my giving set and the button extension sets. Stopped the pump, got up, undressed, rinsed the awful sticky formula off of my butt, put clean pjs on and went to bed again.

Two hours later my pump starts alarming, but it is not the usual "got a kink in my line" alarm, no, it was a low battery alarm, something that never happens to me because I always know after how many nights I have to recharge my battery. Low battery alarm leaves me with only a few minutes to plug it in, before the pump switches off and erases my already infused volume. Not a good thing if your formula is so rich, your pump won't recognize an empty bag or giving set and keeps on pumping air into your stomach until the change in pumping noise wakes you up. (I always have to work with a goal volume.)
So there I am at 2 AM in the morning trying to plug in my cord into my feeding pump and this is already very tricky when I am awake.
Back to bed.

Two hours later my bag is empty, and I have to get up again to flush my tube and disconnect the button extension sets. Back to bed.

At 6.30 AM I wake up to take my meds.

At 7.00 AM my alarm clock rings and after only hitting snooze once I manage to get up for good.

On my way to the bathroom my fiance informs me that there is no hot water and our gas boiler is displaying an error message.
No hot water for me this morning.....

And since I am the one who fixes things like this in our household it is up to me to get the gas boiler running again. No luck so far.

No, really, it is not my day.

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