Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A triple yeah for the medihoney

I have now treated my stoma infection with medihoney antibacterial honey for exactly three weeks. I have been really careful with my stoma, always washing my hands before touching it and using the medihoney twice a day.

I should have really taken some photos before I started the medihoney treatment because the difference is incredible. My stoma site looks really good and it doesn't hurt anymore!

Like I said - I don't have any before-photos - but here is an after-photo:

A nice looking stoma, right?

I will continue putting the medihoney on my stoma at least for another couple of weeks. I might inquire about getting the barrier cream as well - maybe it would helpt to protect the lower part of my stoma - due to gravity more stomach contents leak onto that part.


Stephanie said...

Wow, now that V has his second stoma site in, I really want to keep it healthy and prevent what happened with the first one.
I simply must get some of this stuff!
The wound care team we work with here had never even heard of it.
Considering how sensitive he is, we HAVE to try it.

Jackie Buzowsky said...

Hi, Jackie here from Comvita, thanks for the kind words about our Medihoney product, we’d like to get in touch if that’s alright with you. We’d love to you sample some of our other products from the range, feel free to email me at Comvita New Zealand (

Tube Girl said...

Hi Jackie! Just wanted to let you know that I sent you an e-mail, just making sure you get it since e-mails from hotmail accounts quite often end up classified as junk.
Take care!