Monday, September 7, 2009

What not to do at my wedding

M and I went to a wedding on Saturday and actually M was the best man of the groom. The bride and groom had the whole wedding planned down to the minute and actually had the bridesmaids and groomsmen organize the wedding.

M had invested lots of time and effort into this wedding and I kept getting angrier and angrier. I just didn't understand how someone could order their bridesmaids and groomsmen to organize the whole wedding. Furthermore, bride and groom spread out their wedding over three weekends - meaning they had stag and stagette one weekend, had their civil wedding the Saturday after and their church wedding the next Saturday.

I have a workaholic fiance and my weekends with him are what keeps me going through the week, not having a real weekend with him for three weekends during the summer really pissed me off, to be honest.

I ended up not attending the wedding itself - just the reception. I am very tired all the time right now and really have to conserve my energy, and knowing that I would have to stay up late, I rested in the afternoon and met up with M at the reception at dinner time.

I actually found something to eat, chatted with M and actually enjoyed myself - that is, until the live music started. The musician (who was way past his prime) started off with all the classic love songs, moved over to some really bad German folk type. The music was really loud as well, we were seated at the table that was the furthest away from the musician and it was still almost impossible to carry on a normal conversation with your seat neighbour. I am quite musical myself and have a good ear for music and I really hurt - so many wrong tunes.... and when he took out his saxophone and I really started to suffer.

But I have to be grateful as well because I now know what not to do at my wedding!


Stephanie said...

Good to know, huh?!?!

Hey, I have a question. V's new stoma was placed lower and closer to his belly button. In the same general area as yours looked to be in the picture from your medihoney post. I know you've had both the mic-key and the AMT mini one buttons. We've only used the mic-key in the past. When this stoma heals I'd like to try a button again, which button do you find more comfortable?

Tube Girl said...

Definitely the AMT mini one button. The external bolster of the AMT Mini one button is a lot more flexible and not as stiff like the Mic-Key. And it is even more low-profile. I am an avid belly sleeper and I have no problems sleeping on my belly with my AMT Mini One whatsoever.

Stephanie said...

Thanks, good to know. My V has been a lifelong belly sleeping fanatic.
His surgeon really wanted to go for the AMT mini one capsule non balloon button, but his insurance won't cover it.
It is $30 over their coverage limit! We offered to pay the difference but because it's a goverment based insurance program they are not allowed to accept any cash for any reason! UGH.

The surgeons office tried to contact the AMT rep to see if they might "comp" one since they have seen that done on occasion, but the rep won't return their calls or emails. I guess that's a "no".

I've been told by our DME provider that the insurance will cover the balloon version but it will take several weeks to order, so I want to find out his size next week and get started now.