Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank God for step-fathers!

Most of you know by now that I have three cats, three very furry long-haired cats to be specific. They all shed like crazy and with so much cat hair floating around on my carpet and my hardwood floor, it shouldn't have surprised me to find millions of cat hair stuck in the wheels of my IV (tube feeding) pole when I tried to get to the bottom of my non-rolling IV pole wheels.

Being the handy-man (woman) around this household, I wanted to try fixing it myself. Imagine me sitting on the floor, crouched over the wheels of my IV pole with a pair of tweezers and a pair of tiny sewing scissors trying to "de-fur" the wheels. I managed to get out quite a bit of tangled cat-hair, but not enough to get my IV pole running again, I then resorted to carrying my IV pole through the appartment at night. Very inconvenient, especially when trying to get into my bedroom without my cats (we have a strict no-cat policy during the night - cat teeth and giving set tubes simply don't get along).

Last weekend we went home to stay at my parents and since my step-father is way more of a handy-man than I am I asked him to help me fix my wheels. M and I arrived Saturday afternoon when my parents were out shopping, put our luggage (and my pole) inside and left for our family therapist appointment. When we came back almost two hours later, I was very surprised to find out that my step-father had already fixed my IV pole. I was so curious to find out how he had gotten rid of all the cat hair and couldn't wait to ask him. "Well", he told me, "I went to the hardware store and bought five new wheels".

I laughed so hard! For some reasong I would have never thought to just buy new wheels.

So yes, thanks to my stepdad I am now sporting five brand-new wheels on my IV pole! And they work so well! M keeps saying that he has to implement a speed limit in our hallway because of my speedy IV pole wheels!

My IV pole waiting for its next spin with Tube Girl!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The power of thoughts

I have had my button in for 14 weeks and a couple days ago I started to think about how long the balloon would last for, how would I know when to replace it, would it start leaking water or would it simply pop and what would happen if it popped during my sleep etc..... So many thoughts!

I guess too many thoughts!

Yesterday morning when I cleaned my stoma my button was still all tight against my skin. A couple hours later I was at work, just sitting and working on the computer, thinking to myself that for some odd reason my button felt a bit wobbly and when I pulled on it I almost started pulling it out of my stoma. Oh yes, the power of thoughts, the balloon had finally given in and at a quite inconvenient time, because I had just started to work and had to work for 7 more hours before I could finally go home. My gi-doc told me to never leave the house without some kind of medical tape in my purse and thank god I am so good about following his advice!

I taped up my button and hoped for the best, but was so happy when I was finally back home and able to replace it.

The replacement went really well and quick, M took photos of my empty stoma and of me putting the new button in - he sure loves to take photos! My stoma really does look good and healthy and it only bled a little when I took the old button out.

Now I am all buttoned up again with my new Mini one button and hoping for a long button life again!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

finally an update

It's been a while since my last update.

It has been quite a week. I have been having problems at work with a co-worker and that really put me under a lot of stress over the weekend. This actually is an on-going problem that has escalated over the last few weeks. Thankfully I have a session with our family therapist coming up on Saturday and I am really looking forward to get some practical advice from her on how to deal with the situation.

M and I have finally set a date for our wedding and I am so excited because two of my careworkers from when I was at the Montreux clinic in Canada have already told me that they will come to Vienna to watch me get married. Those two women are part of the reason that I am alive and happy and healthy. They have put so much love and effort (way beyond what they were paid for you) into helping me recover and I feel honored to have them with me on that special day.

M and I have now booked the church for the wedding and the hotel for the reception. We still have to book the stylist and photographer.
A friend of ours (a musician) will dj at the reception and will also play with his girlfriend (who is one of my best friends) during the church ceremony (they are both flautists, but he will also play the sax). I am going to have a really "musical wedding", not only will my friends play, my future sister-in-law will sing.

The other big news I wanted to tell are:
I passed my last exam!!! And now I have to brag a bit because not only did I pass, I got an A! Now I just (this is the understatement of the day) have to complete my thesis and take my diploma exam.
If I had known how much work an eeg-study is I would have not written my thesis in neuropsychology. It took me an entire semester to plan my study and program the computer program, another semester to record the eeg data and it probably will take another semester to analyze the data and write the thesis. But here is the thing: not only am I analyzing eeg data, I am also analyzing ecg data with regards to heart rate variability. I obviously did not think straight when I agreed to do both.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ballroom dancing classes

Yesterday in a spur of the moment decision I signed up M and I for some ballroom dancing classes in preparation for our wedding. M has never taken ballrooem classes before, whereas I have as a teenager.

Tonight we had our first class, and we both loved it! I love dancing and I was really worried that M would turn out to be a terrible dancer, but he certainly has talent!

I am so happy to have enough energy to do fun stuff like this. Thank god for my button and my tube feeds! I haven't had this much energy in years. I really does make a difference if you are able to give your body the energy it needs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Becoming a godmother

Yesterday I had the honor of becoming a godmother to Simon.

Although it had rained all night, it turned out to be sunny (and very windy).


Clemens (godfather to twin No. 2) and I proudly holding the boys. 

Simon was such a brave boy - he didn't even flinch when he got baptized.




Proud parents and proud godparents.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Very anxious before my last exam

This is it - in about 50 minutes I will start writing my last exam. My stomach and my intestines are going crazy today (can't blame them). I am really nervous. I just want to be done with it. I will probably leave now and only take the subway for half the way there and walk the rest of the way to walk off some of that nervous energy.
I know I have studied well and I know I am usually can work well in exam situations.
So whoever reads this, please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Sunday trip to the Vienna Zoo and Schönbrunn

On Sunday afternoon I took a (well-deserved) break from studying and convinced M to go to the Vienna Zoo with me (even though it is ridiculously expensive).

The Imperial Palace - Schönbrunn 

And again

the polar bear siblings play-fighting

Polar bear Mum having an itch

Fu long enjoying his dinner of bamboo sprouts

M and I - happy

M had worked about 70 hours this week and we really needed this Sunday afternoon to recharge our relationship batteries! And it worked!