Thursday, October 29, 2009

The power of thoughts

I have had my button in for 14 weeks and a couple days ago I started to think about how long the balloon would last for, how would I know when to replace it, would it start leaking water or would it simply pop and what would happen if it popped during my sleep etc..... So many thoughts!

I guess too many thoughts!

Yesterday morning when I cleaned my stoma my button was still all tight against my skin. A couple hours later I was at work, just sitting and working on the computer, thinking to myself that for some odd reason my button felt a bit wobbly and when I pulled on it I almost started pulling it out of my stoma. Oh yes, the power of thoughts, the balloon had finally given in and at a quite inconvenient time, because I had just started to work and had to work for 7 more hours before I could finally go home. My gi-doc told me to never leave the house without some kind of medical tape in my purse and thank god I am so good about following his advice!

I taped up my button and hoped for the best, but was so happy when I was finally back home and able to replace it.

The replacement went really well and quick, M took photos of my empty stoma and of me putting the new button in - he sure loves to take photos! My stoma really does look good and healthy and it only bled a little when I took the old button out.

Now I am all buttoned up again with my new Mini one button and hoping for a long button life again!

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