Monday, November 16, 2009

MRI tomorrow

I have been gradually losing my sense of smell over the past half year. Actually the first time I noticed it was this summer while on vacation with M (couldn't really smell the lovely scent of ocean air) and I also posted about it here.

I casually mentioned it to my ENT during my last appointment in October and was quite surprised to find out that he wanted me to have an MRI of my head. Even though he thinks that this might be all due to the severe allergic rhinitis I have had for years, he still wants to be 100 % sure that nothing else is happening inside my brain that could cause this kind of symptom.

Essentially, he is looking for tumours and that does scare me a bit, but I know in my heart that everything will be all right.

What really scares me though is the prospect of having contrast dye injected for the MRI. I am histamine intolerant and contrast dye in histamin intolerant people can cause adverse reactions, and that's what I am scared off.

Please pray that everything will go well tomorrow!

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