Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday evening update

I had planned to write a really positive and upbeat update tonight, telling you about all the good things that have happened in the past two weeks. But I feel drained and tired and nauseous.... and have a hard time thinking of the good things in my life.

But the good things definitely are there:
  • my fiance who loves me unconditionally and just finished cleaning the kitchen and is running me a nice hot bath as I write
  • getting the opportunity to do my mandatory work experience for my Master's degree in a Neurology ward in a Vienna hospital - something I have always wanted to do
  • having S to always talk to who is in the same boat I am in regarding our respective theses with our very difficult professor
  • having the best dietician in the world
  • being able to be a god-mother to one of my friend's twin boys and having the opportunity to hold him and feed him and diaper him ....
  • having a backpack full of tools to deal with my digestive problems
  • my feeding tube that allows me to gain and maintain my weight and have enough energy and be healthy
 Not to forget about my three, slightly crazy, yet very lovable kitties:

 Kitty love!!!!

Aimee after her morning shower :-)


Stephanie said...

I didn't know you were studying to be a neurologist. V's going for his first neuro appointment on the 16th. He's been having some "episodes" lately that have us a bit conserned but i'm not convinced that they're neurological. Still, we're taking him just to be safe. Cardiology too, to rule out any arrhythmia.

Tube Girl said...

Steph - I am not studying to be a neurologist - it's neuropsychology I am doing :-)
hope all is well with V!