Friday, November 6, 2009

Usb-stick drama

I had my own little usb-stick drama on Thursday.

I am working on my thesis like a maniac right now. At the moment I am going through all data files, inspecting each and every single eeg recording for artefacts and correcting those artefacts using several excel macros. I have been doing this for the past three weeks, as this is a very tedious work. (I have to go through 96 data files with four study conditions each and per study condition I have 15 eeg recordings to look at - making this 5760 eeg recordings I have to go through.
I am working on my thesis

On Wednesday I spent seven hours in the lab correcting artefacts. Because I did not want to save my work on our lab pc I directly worked on my usb-stick all day. I usually save all my work on my own laptop at home at night, but that night I had left my usb-stick at work.

Back in the lab the next morning, I plugged in my usb-stick into our lab pc and nothing happened, when I tried opening it, I was told that the usb stick was not formated and did I want to format it now? Formatting - no way! I retried it on my netbook - nothing. I then asked our computer technician, who tried it with his pc - nothing. He then informed me that one is not supposed to directly work on a usb-stick, because usb-sticks have a limited cycle amount. Aarghhhhh! If I had only known that before!

I spent yesterday evening and this morning redoing all the work I had already done the day before - not directly working on my usb-stick this time around.

If you are curious, this is what I have been doing:

This odd looking spike is an artefact due to our unfortunately often mal-functioning eeg-hardware. Using excel macros I try to eliminate those artefacts as good as possible. So much fun (not) :-)

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