Sunday, December 13, 2009

Atopic dermatitis

A couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. I had always thought that this was something you get as a child or not at all, not in your early thirties.

Of course, according to the dermatologist, it makes sense, as I have a lot of contributing factors: I have severe pollen allergies and am histamine intolerant. But still...

And then I started doubting my dermatologist. Even though atopic dermatitis is her speciality, I keep thinking, maybe she is wrong, maybe it is something totally different, and what if she is really wrong, and I am at the hands of someone really incapable?
And then I am searching the internet for pictures of atopic dermatitis comparing them to my rash....

I now know what this is - this is full-blown denial!

And slowly I have come round. After 10 days of topical steroid treatment and switching to a different cream, I had my first relapse. I then went to see my dermatologist again and we went through everything again, through potential triggers and treatment options that can be done beside using steroid creams. And then I got it, I think. Denial is still there, but at least I am following her advice. I have bought some really good creams and lotions for atopic dermatitis, I have realized that not only that patch of real eczema is a problem, but my very dry skin in general. I am now bathing in almond oil and dead sea salt water once a day, and I even started following her advice on doing moist/fat dressings on my eczema. And yes, it is starting to look better again, but of course not as good as it looked after the steroid treatment.

I will see my doc again next Friday and hopefully I will be allowed to continue with the non-steroid treatment.
She did take another culture of my eczema last Wednesday and hopefully those cultures will be clear once again. I want to avoid having to take oral antibiotics at all cost, as they tend to wreck my already very fragile digestive system big time.

M's mantra for me always is (regarding all my health problems): patience and consistency. I guess this applies to dealing with my eczema as well.

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