Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How I met M - Part 1

Today is M's and I 7th year anniversary. We had originally planned to re-inact our first date, but M has been feeling a bit sick and with today being a public holiday we stayed in and watched a movie. Oh yes, and he took me to "B never too busy to be beautiful" - a lovely little make up store with the coolest and most extravagant make up I have ever seen and treated me to some really cool eyeliner and eyeshadow.

How I met M - Part 1 :-)

With today being this special day I want to tell you about how M and I met because it is a neat story. My stepmom Ursula met M at a meditation class in Linz in November 2002, during break time she listened to him talking to other people and thought to herself that M seemed to think like I do and felt that we should meet each other. Being the straight forward person that she is, she went up to him told him about me and knowing that he was studying at the University of Vienna as well and therefore living in Vienna she asked him for his cell phone number to give to me.

A couple days later my Ursula called me and told me about M and gave me his phone number. I wrote it down just to please my Dad and my stepmom, thinking to myself that I was not going to call him.....

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