Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday evening update

A lot has happened since I last posted.

My dietician finally reviewed my last BIA (body impedance analysis) results and actually had them reviewed by several professionals. Turns out that even though I had gained quite a bit of weight and am finally approaching a normal BMI range, clinically I am still malnourished. I still have far too much extracellular water and too little active body mass (muscle mass). This means that my cells can't absorb the water and I am still fluid-overloaded and protein-deficient.

My dietician therefore upped my protein intake and I am to intensify my strength training. Even though I am already on a very high protein formula (7.5g/100ml), I now have to have protein supplements throughout the day. The protein supplement is low in fat, lactose- and sugarfree and unflavored and even though it can be mixed into some foods (it doesn't taste too bad with dairy), I have to tube-feed it with some snacks.

That has not been going too well. I am supposed to have at least 25 g of additional protein, but on most days I only manage about 10-15 g. I don't mind adding it to snacks (whenever it won't compromise the taste of a meal), but I am having a very hard time taking the time for myself to prepare the protein supplement and a syringe, get my extension tubing and tube-feed it. I was a good girl for the first few days (didn't have to work those days), then I started working again and even though I managed to feed myself the supplement twice while at work, I only did that one day and then stopped completely. As a consequence I kind of forgot about it at home too...

I am glad my christmas vacation is coming up. I am looking forward to being able to get myself into a routine and hopefully will be able to continue with it at work too.

I am supposed to keep a protein diary and count the grams of protein I have during each day. My dietician wants me to get 120g protein/day, this can only be done under medical guidance, and I think I will have a blood test to check my kidney function tomorrow. This will be repeated in regular intervals.

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