Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tube Girl in Switzerland

Yes - that's right.
Tube Girl is currently residing in Switzerland.

Some old friends of mine spontaneously invited M and I to visit them in Switzerland a few weeks ago, and of course we just simply had to take them up on their offer. They had an appartment available for us to stay in, which makes this type of vacation affordable to us.

My Mum was kind enough to lend us her car and that made travelling for 7 hours from M's parents place in Wattens to this lovely swiss skiing village bearable. I am really proud of myself because I drove all the way. M had a touch of a cold (pure exhaustion from too much work, in my opinion) and was doped up on some cold meds. There was no way that I would have let him drive.

The last 15 minutes of our drive were the scariest ones. I had selected the quickest route in my navigation device and it led us through vineyards along roads only local people use. Imagine this: to my left vineyards going up, to my right vineyards again, steeply going down, a two-way road built like a one-way... My adrenaline level just kept rising, and I was so grateful when we ended up on the main road again after 10 scary minutes. Oh, and I kept stalling my Mum's car going around very narrow curves, as it was so steep and it is a diesel motor, and I kept forgetting to down-shift the gears...

We arrived on Sunday late afternoon and had a lovely dinner with our friends. I made the big mistake of wanting to "be normal" and had a tiny bit of grilled chicken and some steamed potatoes and zucchinis at 8.30 PM. Honestly it was not a lot of chicken, and I really thought I would be fine. Well, I wasn't. 8.30 PM is just too late for my stomach to even think about digesting the chicken properly. I ended up not being able to hook up my tube-feeds and 12 hours later on the next day I still had chicken in my residuals from my g-tube. Had a low-key food day yesterday and extra tube feeds during the night.

Being in this lovely skiing village and having access to a big skiing area in the Swiss alps made M's and mine legs really itchy to get up on the mountains. And that's what we did today! Got up early in the morning, rented some skis and boots, spent a small fortune on a three-day-skiing pass and up we went. In the beginning the weather was good, the view was breathtaking, the snow was perfect. Later on it started raining and snowing and the snow felt quite heavy.

Even though I used to be a good skiier when I was a teenager I did have some problems getting into it today. My left ski boot really hurt and that didn't make it easier getting back into the rhythm.
My dear fiance on the other hand, showed me once again today that he is a true Tyrolian (for my Non-Austrian readers, Tyrol is a province of Austria located in the Alps and full of skiing opportunities and most Tyrolians learn how to ski just after learning how to walk). I now know why women fall for skiing instructors. When I watched him wedeling down that slope, he did indeed look very sexy :-)

The only downfall today was that, once again, I wanted to be normal and instead of eating my packed lunch, I shared a grilled chicken with bread and only a few french fries with M. That damn grilled chicken really bothered me when we went back to skiing after lunch and I had hard time not getting too nauseated to keep on driving. M got mad at me afterwards for eating with him and he had me promise that I would stick to carbohydrates tomorrow while skiing.

We are both really tired now, even though it is only 7.30 PM. We are planning a quiet night in, watching a movie and going to bed really early to be fit for another day of skiing.


Anonymous said...

how cool was that adventure! lots of chicken being cooked up~sorry it put you off schedule.

what kinds of food can you sometimes tolerate when eating out? not like they make "tube table food"~tube food you can pick up~do they???

Tube Girl said...

To be honest I hardly ever eat out. It is just too dangerous sometimes, with my many allergies on top of my digestive problems. But if I do eat out, I usually stick to plain pasta and rice. Can't go a lot wrong with that :-)