Monday, January 25, 2010

My pump and I - the day after

I just posted last night on how I thought I had my pump figured out. Well, that's what I thought.

As usual, I put my 750 ml into my feeding bag, programmed the pump to run at 120 ml/hour - thinking that it would run at 125 ml. I also programmed the goal volume of 750 ml, even though this had been of no use anyway because I always had an empty bag alarm before the pump reached the set volume. This happened because the pump "thought" that it was running 120 ml/hour. Since it actually ran faster than that, the bag got empty before the pump was able to meet the set volume.

That's how it has been for the past two weeks. I always woke up to an empty bag and an empty bag alarm, but it never alarmed for reaching my goal volume.

Well, when my pump alarmed this morning, I switched on my nightlight, looked at my bag and thought "What the f....?" There it was, even though I had added 750 ml plus some extra, there still was a tiny bit of formula left in the bag and the alarm I had just gotten was not my usual empty bag alarm, but an alarm for "set volume reached".

I could not believe my eyes! This also meant that it was later than I had wanted it to be, because obviously the pump had run at 120 ml/h and not at 125 ml/h.

The question is: what will I do tonight! Will I trust my pump that it has suddenly decided to be exact and run it at 125 ml/h and risk having it run higher, or will I stick to my 120 ml/h and risk it taking longer.

Well, no risk, no fun, right?

I will go for the 125 ml/h!!!

I will keep you posted on my nightly pump drama.

My life is so not boring....


Anonymous said...

OK~two bummers about the infinity~it is noisy (I have two running in two rooms) and the dang light~when you are plugged in charging it is on and bright (someone said I could be tricky and learn to turn the light off or at least dim it~haven't found the trick yet).

the alarm really bugs the dogs~my lab actually paws my bed to wake me up to stop it~my oldest really dislikes the sound and will wake up in defense mode even when I am just setting it, it beeps.

So, have you jazzed up your IV pole yet~not a big market for faux leopard pole covers, but a bare IV pole is just crying for some design help...don't you think? Zeka

Tube Girl said...

Zeka - you crack me up!!! Maybe I should start decorating my IV pole to go with the seasons :-) - to bad I didn't think of that before christmas - would have been nice to hang some christmas tree ornaments on it. - But hey, Valentine's day is coming up - I could get all (he)arty with it! :-)