Sunday, January 24, 2010

My pump and I

After all the good things I read about the Infinity pump, which is being distributed by Nutricia here in Europe, I decided to try to get one as well.

Easier said than done. First of all it is quite expensive to rent, you have to pay a fee every six months compared to the one-time fee I paid for my current pump. I thought about buying it because it is actually not that expensive, but I was told that even though I won't have problems with my current insurance company, once I have to switch to Austria's major insurance company in July, I will run into problems. This insurance company decided last October that they were only going to pay for feeding sets from Fresenius Kabi, my current pump manufacturers. Even if I buy an Infinity and tell the insurance company that this is what I have at home, they won't pay for the feeding sets. In the end I would have to go back to my Applix pump anyway.

That's why I decided to stick with it. Plus, I have used the Infinity in the hospital before and my new Applix pump definitely is a lot quieter.

I have now found out that if I want my feeds run at 125 ml/h, I have to set the pump at 120 ml/h. At 110 ml/h it has the least error rate.

I am setting my perfectionism aside and just deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

T"Girl~you are so patient and flexible~can you off the grid and get sets via your own means (girl, I got boxes of 1200ml bags for infinity).

I have shipped to the philippines feeding chairs, wheel chairs and old pumps (shhh) and bags. I even got a shout out on NPR for a xmas shipment that a non profit helped ship (via boat~their post system made the family pay odd fees).

Maybe I just carry the redhead gene or just a shameless american~no means dare me....

You want 1200ml infinity sets? just have to get them to ya...Zeka aka dungB'