Friday, January 1, 2010

Skiing like crazy

M and I had two really fun days. On Wednesday we went skiing in the morning, but gave up by noon due to bad weather. It was snowing so badly, couldn't really see anything and that does make skiing not a very fun thing to do.

Yesterday morning we originally wanted to be up on the mountains by 9.00, but it was snowing so badly that I was really worried that we had a repeat skiing episode of the day before. Therefore I convinced M to go back to bed with me and have an after-breakfast snooze. He had a really hard time relaxing because all he could think of was our very expensive three-day-skiing-pass being wasted by staying in bed. But I was right!

By the time we were up on the slopes around 12.30 we had sunshine and blue skies and perfect new snow. And I didn't make the same mistakes again regarding food like I did on the first day. Instead of having a "real" lunch, I had some tubefeeding formula and plain rice at 11.00 and that way I wasn't feeling as bad while skiing.

Talking about my skiing - what a difference!!! M was still quite frustrated with him, until I said to him: "you know what, I can't see properly with my snow goggles, and if I can't see the hills I am going to go over how I am supposed to ski well?". It turned out that my cap kept blogging the ventilation part of my snow goggles, and once we fixed that I was back to my old good skiier self! M just couldn't believe the difference!
I had so much fun skiing after we fixed my goggles and was quite sad when I was exhausted after a few hours and we eventually had to stop.

Our NewYears Eve was wonderful, spent at our friends' with some of their family, lots of good conversations, a breathtaking view of all the fireworks and M and I even got to dance a Viennese waltz to "Blue danube waltz" as it is custom in Austria. And now that we actually know how to dance a Viennese waltz we of course had to dance!

Our hosts were so wonderful in preparing foods that I could eat, but I had had an early dinner before coming over to their place (didn't want to have a repeat experience of our first evening out). They were really kind accommodating my allergies, and I felt really bad for not eating lots. I knew I had to hook up more tube-feeding than normal to compensate for the extra calories used while skiing and I didn't want to risk eating late again with them (even if it is food that I can normally tolerate) and not be able to hook up all my formula.

We are invited to dinner once again tonight at their place and I know they are planning on an early dinner (which is 7.30 for them), and I don't want to not eat anything again because I don't want to be rude. Will take an extra dose of domperidone and keep my fingers crossed that dinner will sit well.

But I am really looking forward to some very interesting conversations again tonight - lots of brain talk going on yesterday, which is right up my alley!

I was still skiing not up to my usual standards and M kept

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Stephanie said...

Sounds amazing, and try not to beat yourself up about the food. If they are truly your friends they will understand that you are being anything but rude. I'm sure if they realized that your eating to be polite causes you pain they would feel awful. Just be very matter of fact, like it's no big deal. Just a part of your every day.. just who you are. I'm sure they will understand, and you won't have to feel pressured about the whole "food" issue.
It's vacation!!! :)