Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Falling off the GP diet wagon

I have been noticing a pattern. When my stomach is very slow and I feel accordingly, I reduce my oral intake, stick to low-fat, low-fiber foods, reduce my vegetable intake etc and increase the tube-feedings. I usually start feeling better within a few days.

I then am a good girl, stick to my diet and promise myself to keep on sticking to it. I then start to be less careful with my diet, think that I am feeling fine anyways, and slowly fat and fiber (and veggies and fruits for that matter) creep back into my diet. This actually works well for a day or two and then, lo and behold, the nausea and feeling of fullness come back and my stomach starts hurting again. Back I go again to my GP diet, again promise myself to stick to my diet etc., until a few days later, I feel good enough to defy all my resolutions and fall off the GP diet wagon once again.

It makes me sad and mad at the same time.
And yes, I have just fallen off the wagon again and am suffering big time....

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Anonymous said...

can you think of all of this pre time as an eating dress rehearsal? doing all your best techniques as long as you can to practice for feeling your best at your wedding?

hoping you will post a beaming bridal picture with that perfectly feeling tummy~

cheering on your best eating~and sorry your tummy can give you such pain.