Saturday, February 20, 2010

Now, why do you have a feeding tube?

The psychologist I work with (not my boss), the other intern, knows about my intestinal problems and he knows that I have a tube. I told him on my second day there. That way I can change my dressings in our room or apply some cream if my skin gets dry.

On Friday he asked me: "Now, why do you have that tube again?" I explained to him that my stomach empties really slowly and that I can't meet my very high energy needs orally. But he still didn't get it. He kept asking me, why I couldn't just eat more food or eat more calories etc. I guess I should have told me: "Imagine being so full that you are almost bursting and you have to eat another two pizzas because otherwise you will lose weight. And now imagine having to do that every day!"

Sometimes it is really difficult to get people to understand that I physically can't eat more.


Brittney said...

Thanks for the note on my blog! It is nice to hear from someone that is also working hard at starting a career while dealing with gastroparesis and intestinal problems.

On a side note, my father lives in Switzerland (about 20km outside of Zurich). I've been to Austria once, but a long time ago.

Natie said...

That is so true - thanks for the response idea. I'll need to use that example next time my parents or other family members/friends hassle me about tube feeds! Hope all is well with you!