Saturday, February 13, 2010

So much to do, so little time

I have had literally time to blog in the past week. I am working 40 hours a week, and as soon as I come home in the evening I start working on my thesis, then it's work-out time, get showered, hook up my feeds and off to bed at a decent time, since I have to get up just after 6 AM....

I got to examine my first patient all by myself in the past week. Both my colleague and my boss were busy with patients themselves and it was left to me to deal with this patient.
I was supposed to screen him for dementia. This patient was already 91 years old and when I walked down to the ward to get the patient I imagined a frail old man waiting for me. Instead he looked a lot younger and walked still quite well.
When I took his case history, I immediately felt that this old man was far from having dementia. He told me how he was born during the first world war, than worked as a pallbearer in a Siberian camp during World war II and only came back from the war, when he was already 28 years old. Listening to him really touched me, as he seemed to be a very wise old man. Talking to this patient, hearing his life story and his very wise words on how to live one's life to the fullest made my day.

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