Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding stuff

This week has been full of wedding stuff.

M has registered at our church and I in turn, signed us up for the mandatory catholic marriage preparation class. Yes, here in Austria, if you want to have a church wedding, you have to take a marriage class. It's only a day, but still, it is a bit weird.

We also finally settled on the guest list (after talking it through in several sessions with our family therapist.....).

This afternoon we met up after work and selected our wedding invitations at a print shop. We had a really hard time deciding on the right card, but I think we selected an invitation that suits us both.
This weekend we will have to think of the text for the invitations.

We did a quick calculation tonight on our wedding budget, and it is going to be very tight. Of course there are the big things like my dress or M's suit, but it's the little things that start to add up.

Next week the online dates for our civil wedding on the 27th of August will be activated and first thing Monday morning I will sign us up for the 11:00 Am appointment.


Anonymous said...

I have friends who have to take the pre wedding catholic classes too...and they get handed preprinted donation envelopes so they are expected to support the church from then on.

So does that mean you are doing both the church and a civil marriage?

Too funny, you going thru the guest list with a therapist....I would need one too.

So, what is the weather like for you in August? What do you want your dress to look like?

I jinxed myself when I bought my dream white dress that I thought I could wear at my future conditional wedding~wasn't a real wedding dress in the formal puffy way, but it was a Jessica Mcclintock.

My sister ended up getting married in it and she looked beautiful~she found it at my mom's house where I had left it, and snaked it!

Like I could confessed I had dreams of getting married in it at that point~she does give me credit for buying her wedding dress though.

Just the flowers would impoverish me~love to read about a professional women with feeding challenges getting married~


Tube Girl said...

Zeka, we are seeing a family therapist once a month because it feels to good to be able to talk to someone every once in a while about the things that are going on in our lives. She was a godsend regarding the guest list, because M wanted to invite all his relatives and I wanted to try and keep our wedding smaller. :-)

Yes, we are doing both, the church and the civil marriage. In Austria, church marriages don't count before the law. Civil marriages, on the other hand, are really boring and uneventful here in Austria, not a real ceremony at all. That's why I will have both - my civil marriage to be legally married and the church wedding for the beautiful ceremony.