Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keeping myself out of hospital

After finishing my thesis on Tuesday I had actually intended to use that same driven energy that got me to complete my thesis on so little time to work on the paper my prof wants me to write as well. I did take one day off on Wednesday to visit my godchild and relax, but on Thursday I was back to researching and writing.

And then it happened. Some nasty little virus decided to use my intestines as its new host and by Thursday night I was so sick. I kept my g-tube to drainage all Thursday night, but the nausea was relentless. I also had really horrible colic-like back and belly pain. By 1.30 AM I was screaming in pain. The bad thing was that M had taken benzodeziapine as a muscle relaxant for his shoulder pain, and he was trying to help me while he was feeling quite sedated. We ended up calling the emergency doctor service and they came out and gave me pain and antinausea meds intramuscular. And of course I had to explain why I had a g-tube :-)...

By Friday morning I had severe diarrhea and with my g-tube still to drainage I knew I had to do something to keep myself from getting dehydrated and out of hospital. With more antinausea and pain meds on board I was able to remove my g-tube from drainage and hook up rehydration fluids. I talked to my family physician who told me that in order to get rehydrated I had to put in as much fluids as on a usual day and that's close to 3 liters for me. M hooked me up to a continuous slow drip of 2 liters of rehydration solution and I managed to have the remaining liter orally. But it worked! I am still at home and doing better! Still a bit of nausea and no appetite whatsoever and very fatigued, but at least I am feeling better.

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