Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thesis - finished!!!

I am doing a big happy dance over here in Austria! After working nonstop for the past week I finished my thesis this Tuesday and have already given it to my prof. Now I just have to write the paper he so desperately wants to have. If this means, he will let me graduate by June then this is what I will do.

Going into my thesis conclave I had 32 pages, six days later I had 100! My prof. told me to come see him with my paper on a regular basis, to not just simply write it all it once, but after being such a hardcore writer with my thesis I will probably be able to give him a first draft of the finished paper by next week.

Now I need everyone sending positive thoughts into the universum for my prof to revise my thesis is fast as possible because I am working against quite a few deadlines for my June graduation and there is no way that I want to study for my diploma exam during the summer that I am getting married in!
So pray!!!

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