Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All day studying in preparation for my big oral diploma exam

This is day three of all day studying in preparation for my big oral diploma exam at the end of June.
Starting up studying was as always a bit hard, lots of negative thoughts à la "I am never going to remember all of that", "I am not going to have enough time to learn all the required books", "I am going to surely fail the exam" etc....

It's really strange for me having all those negative thoughts, as I usually don't have that kind of negative inner voice anymore. Interestingly, whenever I start studying they always come up again - always in regards to my ability as a student. The problem is that those kind of negative thoughts actually paralyze me when I am trying to study, they try to draw away the attention from what I am actually supposed to do right now: study, study, study.

So, I am trying my best to fight those negative thoughts, using logic and positivity to counteract them!

I guess, intense, all day studying means that I have to be very consequent, not do a lot of the things I much rather like to do, be really persistent, and always keep going, no matter how tired I am - and I am always "in my head" - no wonder negative thoughts always creep back in when I am studying.

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