Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Patience - not my strong side

My dietician tried all Monday to get hold of my gi-doc, but couldn't get a hold of him until yesterday evening. How incredibly kind of her though to keep on trying to reach him even after work. Apparently he didn't really have time to talk, but told her will think about it, and I should contact him, as he might want to admit me for further testing.

I e-mailed him this morning, and now I am back to waiting again. Waiting for him to e-mail me back and tell me what his plans are. And patience really is not my strong side. I am trying my best to not check my e-mails obsessively, but it's really hard :-(

I am really torn too - I know that if he decides that he wants to admit me, I will have to follow his advice. But on the other hand I really have no time for that right now - got to finish my thesis, study for my oral diploma exam....

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