Monday, April 5, 2010

What happened to my bed?

M and I spent the easter weekend at my parents' house. With my brother being there too the guest room was already occupied and so my Mum, who due to my stepdad being an ear-plug-resistant snorer has her own bedroom, very generously let us have her bedroom.

As always I hooked up my tube feedings before going to sleep on Friday night. Even before hooking up I could feel that I had lots of pressure in my stomach and my intestines. Still, I needed to hook up anyway.
At 2.30 AM I woke up feeling something wet and sticky, switched on the light and realized that the pressure must have caused the med-port of my extension set to pop open and formula and unfortunately half-digested stomach contents as well had been leaking out of my tube, onto my night gown and on my Mum's bed. Up I got, switched off the feeds, got myself washed up and changed, removed my Mum's bedsheet, tried cleaning the mattress, gave up a couple minutes later, just put a towel on the spot, opened the window to get rid of the awful baby puke smell and went back to sleep.
My Mum, who had noticed the dirty stinky towels and bedsheet in her bathroom just asked herself in the morning: "What the hell happened to my bed?".

Before I continue with the story I should explain that my Mum does not have just any regular mattress, my Mum has a very expensive memory foam mattress. When I tried cleaning the mattress in the middle of the night, I actually only cleaned the woolen mattress cover that keeps the various foam layers in place. And apparently, as I found out later, I didn't do a really good job there either.

I have no idea why no-one thought of taking off the woolen cover and check out the state of the first foam layer on Saturday. Instead I just put a new bed-sheet on and slept on the same spot once again. Sunday morning we realized the extents of my formula mishap. Due to the fact that I slept two nights on the wet and soaked through mattress cover everything leaked through onto the foam as well and the memory foam did exactly what foam is supposed to do - it soaked up all the moisture and all the stinky half-digested formula as well.

My Mum was devastated and my stepdad and I went into action yesterday. Took off the mattress cover, threw it into the wahser, added bleach and hoped for the best. You won't believe it, but even though the spot looked a lot better, we could not get rid of the smell. On the opposite, the whole mattress cover now smelt like baby puke. That's when we got creative. We put the mattress cover on our wooden patio, my stepdad got the garden hose, gave me a laundry brush and some organic wool laundry detergent and off we went! While my stepdad hosed down the mattress cover, I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed trying to get rid of the smell. And we succeeded! After another cycle in the washer it finally smelt clean!

He then carried the first layer of the memory foam mattress down on the patio and while he hosed down the smelly spot I jumped up and down on the mattress with all my weight trying to get the water to rinse out the stinky formula. Even though we managed to get rid of the smell, the mattress by then was full of water. He put it up against the wall to let gravity work in getting rid of the excess water. I have no idea though, how long it will take for the foam to dry.

M and I are back in Vienna now, and I am trying not to feel bad and hoping that I did not ruin my Mum's expensive mattress.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Julia,
Sorry to hear that you such an eventful weekend. My biggest problem, since I can't swallow, is that I drool all over my pillow. I keep cups nearby and many pillow cases, to make it thru the night.
I realy enjoy reading your blog!
Enjoy the Spring in Austria!!