Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flare up

After I got myself of the domperidone I started sticking to the "GP"-diet (a diet for people with gastroparesis) a lot better, and I was actually doing quite well. I couldn't eat as much orally as a couple months ago, but at least I was hardly nauseated. Thanks to my tube feeding formula I had no trouble maintaining my weight.

And then I slipped a bit (a lot) on Sunday. Was invited to a birthday brunch - so much food there! Had too much fruit and whole wheat bread. And then yesterday I decided that I did not have to puree my chicken and vegetables for lunch. I felt so sick all night, was very hard to not take domperidone. Because I had eaten very little yesterday orally due to feeling so sick, I knew that I had to hook up more than my usual tube feeding amount. There was no way that I could just not tubefeed yesterday. I vented my stomach for a bit before hooking up and M and I had fun watching the air bubbles escape through the syringe. I would have really loved to have gj-tube yesterday. As long as I was venting my stomach I felt better, but as soon as I had it clamped off again the nausea came back. Nevertheless, I managed to hook up and run my tube feeding very slowly over 8 hours. M said it was really strange for me to hear my pump running until 5.30 AM. Totally threw off his sense of time during the night.

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