Monday, May 17, 2010

Positive thoughts and prayers needed!

I have been working very hard for the past four months to finish my thesis in time to meet all my deadlines in order to be able to graduate in June.
Unfortunately my prof has not been that supportive, and even though he knew that I needed to hand in my grade for my thesis as soon as possible in order to meet next Thursday's deadline for signing up for my final oral diploma exam in June, he only agreed today to grade it tomorrow. I can pick up the paper-work tomorrow afternoon and hand it in at the student service center Wednesday morning. They then have to close my file, and I have to wait for the "official" e-mail in order to be able to sign up. There is no guarantee that this will happen in time for next weeks' deadline. There are no exceptions to the deadline either. If I can't take my exam in June, I cannot take it until October, there are no diploma exams during the summer months.
It is sooo important to me to take my exam now, I don't want to have to study during the summer that I am getting married in. I have also already studied for five weeks. I just want to be done with alla of it, put my studying behind me, earn my degree and get on with my life.

So - if YOU have time on your hand, please send some positive thoughts to the universe that everything will work out for me!

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