Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stomaversary :-)

Today is the day!

A year ago today, after six very long months of ng-tube feeding, I finally received my peg-tube.

A lot has changed for the better in these past 12 months:
  • I have been able to gain 8 more kilos (after already gaining 4 on ng-tube feeding), 
  • I have picked up ballroom dancing classes with my fiance, 
  • I have finished all the mandatory classes for my degree, 
  • completed my thesis, 
  • worked at a hospital, 
  • planned a wedding (well half of it, so far), 
  • started blogging, 
  • have less nausea due to being able to supplement about 45 % of my energy requirements with night-time tube-feedings
  • I have so much more energy thanks to finally being able to getting all the calories that I need
  • have started to build up some muscle mass with the help of a personal trainer
  • ...
Life as a g-tube-feeder is not so bad!

1 comment:

Natiebar said...

Happy Stomaversary! I hope to have accomplished all that you have, at my year mark. Only uh - 10 more months to go ;)