Monday, June 28, 2010

Finally time for more wedding stuff

Had my tailor's fitting for my wedding dress today at the bridal shop. I still love my dress, it's so beautiful! One more thing less to do on my wedding list :-).

Mum accompanied me, took some photos - but sorry, no sneak preview on here :-).

I had a rough - slow - stomach day today. I definitely do better with liquids and soft foods, but it's hard to follow through sometimes for me. I pureed my chicken and veggies for lunch like I do at home, but had a bit more chicken than usual and that didn't go that well at all. I already had a slow stomach day yesterday, but didn't make up with my tube feeds because I felt so sick at night. I actually fed a bit less than normally. Today I am making up, I have too, not enough calories on one day is tolerable, but two days in a row is not an option.

Tomorrow, Mum and I are going shopping for my dress for my civil service wedding. (Here in Austria church weddings don't count legally.)

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