Monday, June 21, 2010


After making myself almost crazy over the weekend with constantly checking my email-account in order to see if I had finally received the email with my exam date, it finally came - last night (Sunday) at 8.30 PM.

My exam will be this coming Thursday between 2.00 and 2.30 PM (Central European Time). I will be questioned by two examiners - each one has 15 minutes time. My thesis advisor will be the first examiner and he will question me on "General Psychology", and I have the feeling he will also ask me about my thesis and the results of my study. For the second examiner in my second subject "Clinical Psychology" I was actually allowed to list four examiners in my preferred order - I got my fourth choice - was a bit pissed off at first, but then realized that this professor is a really nice guy and usually not out to make life very hard for diploma candidates. He likes his research methods, but thank god, I prepared myself just in case.

I have two days of studying ahead, but I am actually quite relaxed, I have almost revised everything already, will have a full day of studying tomorrow and then take it easy on Wednesday.

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