Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stress patterns

I have a certain stress pattern. Whenever I am really stressed out i.e. studying like crazy, I do really stupid things that I actually don't have time for. Like deciding buying a new washer (really needed one - studying for my last exam), fixating on thinking that I hate my balloon button and really should get myself a non-balloon button (already studying - four weeks ago), switching my cell phone plan and getting a new cell phone (two weeks ago - didn't do it), and deciding that I hated the dressings I use for my button (last week). This is the story I want to tell:
My button does leak some, especially with my motility problems, and I always have to use a dressing. Kirby, a fellow tube feeder, had told me about this cloth g-tube pads that she really loved. So last Thursday, I started to research g-tube pads on the internet and found this site http://www.mybuttonbuddies.com/ with designs I really liked. I couldn't order them right away, as I don't own a credit card and had to add money to my paypal account first. I then got thinking that I actually had sewing in school and owned a sewing machine. After I was done studying on Friday I went downtown to get some fabrics and Saturday bright and early I started sewing. I only allowed myself to sew for an hour before I had to start learning again. I had so much fun doing it that I could not wait to keep on sewing at night. I was still trying to find out the right stitch to sew them together. At 11 PM I had to stop for the night, deciding I would try the new stitch in the morning. So there I was again, bright and early on Sunday morning, switched on my sewing machine - and nothing - it broke on me. I was so disappointed! The thing is, the pads I have sewn so far, are very tightly stitched around the edges of the hole for the tube, and they are not soaking up the leakage that well. So then I thought I had to get myself a new sewing machine - something that I don't actually have time for right now. But then I realized that this is my stress pattern. This is so typical for me, being so impatient that I couldn't wait and had to start sewing myself right away.

So I relaxed today. I am not buying myself a sewing machine right now. I have more important things right now to focus on. And I ordered myself a week's worth of cloth g-tube pads from my button buddies today.


Toni Szilagyi said...

Dear Tube Girl,
Your order from MyButtonBuddies was sent yesterday. I hope you like them. Thank you for mentioning our web site.
I loved reading your blog and seeing your picture. I can see your stress pattern is from you being a "can do" type of person. You like to do things and help others. This is you and it is good. But from your note, it seems like your first priority now (or at least up at the top) is to study. Best wishes to you on your education and passing all your exams. It will be so worth it.
I hope that you wear your MyButtonBuddies in good health.
Best Wishes,
Toni Szilagyi from MyButtonBuddies.

Tube Girl said...

Hi Toni!
Thanks for your comment! I am really looking forward to the delivery, and I will most likely be blogging about it...
Take care,