Sunday, June 13, 2010

Study rituals

I have been studying for my big exam since mid-April. At first I still took weekends off from studying, but for the past three weeks I have been studying almost non-stop. This obviously needs a lof of self-discipline. I have developped some study rituals that help me stay motivated.

This is a typical study day:
  • get up at 6.40 AM
  • switch on the computer
  • make myself a nice cup of black tea
  • check my e-mails and facebook and have my tea
  • start studying at 7.15 AM
  • breakfast at 8 AM
  • snack at 11AM
  • study until 12.30 AM
  • take a nap until 1.30 PM
  • have lunch at 1.45 PM
  • check e-mails, facebook etc. until 2.15 PM
  • start up studying again until 5 PM
  • done studying for the day, do some shopping, cleaning, have dinner, go nordic-walking with M
  • 9 PM - shower, get ready for bed
  • 9.30 PM - have a cup of sleepy-time tea, take my valerian root, hook up my tube feedings and watch an episode of Frasier for some good belly laughs (we own all seasons and just started with the first season again)
  • 10 PM - off to bed
Study rituals help me stay focused and motivated because I always know that I will stop at 12.30 for a break and finish by 5 PM.

And according to my "day plan" - it's now time to go nordic-walking with M (no storms in sight tonight - by the way, found out that the storm was blowing with 130 km/h last night).

Off we go!

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