Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health update

After having some odd blood levels in April, my physician and I held off on re-checking my blood values until I after my diploma exam. Early July I finally got everything re-tested. The funny thing was that some of those off levels were passed off as being due to an infection in April, even though I insisted that I did not feel sick in any way. This time around my blood levels were still as off. First my physician tried to brush me off again with saying that I must be sick. But when I kept telling her that I feel really well besides my usual slow stomach symptoms that I have been in fact been able to go running every day, she did listen to me a bit more.

My ferritin level did not budge a single digit - it stayed at the exact same low level despite high dosage oral iron. Obviously I cannot absorb oral iron at all. My albumin level was still low, actually even lower than last time, even though I am still on a high protein diet.
But now my vitamin d is low as well, even though I take in more than the required daily amount with my tube feeding formula, probably an absorption thing again.

Obviously the low vitamin d goes hand in hand with my loss of bone density.

My stomach emptying has been really off too. Part of it might be the incredible warm weather we have been experiencing, but still this latest flare up has been going on off for weeks now. I have not been able to meet my usual oral intake, but have also not been able to make up for the lack of calories during the night because I had to lower my tube feeding rate during the night due to my stomach emptying problems. M finally convinced me to stay away from oral foods for a couple days and tube feed during the day as well. So that's what I did today. At least my nausea has been a lot better today! I just hate to tubefeed during the day.

It has been decided that it is high time to visit my GI doc (he has practice two hours away). I have an appointment for the coming Monday, and I can't wait to see him. I hope, he has some good ideas on what's going on with my digestive tract.

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