Monday, July 19, 2010

We are back!

M and I had a great time in Italy, until, as always, I started breaking out in hives from sun allergy. Darn. I still hope every year that it won't happen, but it does anyway. On top of everything else the heat was almost unbearable. A heat wave had hit Italy, and we right in the middle :-). Even swimming in the ocean did not cool us off by the middle of the week.

Unfortunately my stomach does not like the heat at all. I have not felt as sick in a long time. Lots of nausea, a very hard time eating foods orally and with me being at the beach so much, I have to admit that I wasn't as compliant as I usually am with my tube feedings. I was not able to make up for the lack of oral foods as I would usually do, and as a consequence I feel quite weak now. It's quite interesting how much I am used to my high energy intake, and how weak I feel after a week of not tubefeeding/eating enough. I guess I am the only woman out there that actually loses weight during a vacation. Am trying my best to ramp up the calories again, can't afford to lose anymore weight otherwise my dress won't fit :-)

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